Lovers Island - Galasnjak, Croatia

......The Romance Starts Here

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Lover's Island

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Galasnjak, Croatia

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Take you lover to the Croatian Island of Love and experience the Magic of Croatia. This Secret Dalmatian island is the most heart-shaped island in the world. Its a perfect venue for romantic couples to celebrate their wedding; perhaps make it your secret excursion for St. Valentine's Day; invite your friends and guests for a celebration party with that something extra special.

Croatia's Island of Love is 100% privately own, so everyone must first seek permission to use the island. Once you have permission, this tiny island is a perfect destination for lovers from all over the world! In fact spend just one day on this magical island and your love and passion will be taken with you, back home and spread all around the world!

Lover's Island (natively known as Galesnjak, Otok za Zaljubljene), is one of the worlds few naturally occurring heart-shaped objects, and it is the most heart-shaped naturally formed island in the world! This tiny heart-shaped island in the Adriatic has featured on news channels BBC, ABC, CNN, featured in newspapers and magazines the Telegraph, National Geographic, and  countless websites and blogs. 

Lover's Island is a mere 1.55km in circumference and has a land area of only 0.132km/square! This tiny island is completely deserted, containing only wild plants and trees, untouched beeches, azure-blue Adriatic waters. The only human activity recorded on this island are three known Illyrian burial mounds and the hint of an ancient building's foundations.

The island's shape was first recorded 1802 when the famous Napolean Maps of Dalmatia clearly showed the shape of the island to be heart shaped. 202 years later Google Earth brought the island to world wide attention when the island was "rediscovered". You can re-discover it yourself now on Google maps here!